My OGG (read MP3…) player

Out in Italy again and restricted to 1GB of music. Not so bad these days as my rate of exploration has thankfully slowed…

Basically I’ve got Regina Spektor’s album “Far”, Tim O’Brien’s “The Crossing”, a cd of Beethoven piano concertos, the Sixteen and still listening to the soundtrack to “Into the Wild” by the dude from Pearl Jam.

I saw Tim O’Brien live recently with transatlantic sessions. He’s one o f those guys who has just got the gift. The group was twenty or so talented artists who could do a show in their own right but every time Tim took the stage (especially for the amazing “Man of Constant Sorrow” of “o Brother Where Art Thou” fame) the whole room lit up!

Going to watch the DVD of “Into the Wild” this weekend and the Beethoven cd is qute mesmerizing for me:-).

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