the great¬†outdoors (for runners and yogis!)

The thing I’ve always disliked about yoga is people (usually…) do it indoors. Rubber mats and school-gym-esque rooms etc… That’s why I love running – you’re outside and in the fresh air. The thing I’ve always disliked about running (although could never quite articulate it until now) is the shoes. Expensive, posture supporting fashion accessories that look like a discarded prop from the starship enterprise! They stop you injuring yourself (unlike cheap running shoes that positively encourage you to) but they don’t actually improve the situation. You don’t ever learn how to run with proper posture. You don’t ever connect in the way you do practicing yoga.

So today I got up, and after some breakfast and some coding and some music went running around my local park barefoot! It was just blissful. You have to not care how slow you are compared to normal, and take much shorter, lighter strides but somehow it feels connected to the earth in a similar way to yoga. It feels *much* better on my knees especially. I must have run for maybe twenty minutes or half an hour, I’m not sure because I didn’t take a watch. Then afterwards I did some yoga out in the park and that felt fantastic for having the air and the sun around me…

This latest obsession of mine is not entirely my fault. Alison sent me a link to a book on the subject (called born to run)¬† that I’ve ordered off Amazon (waiting for it still!) and also told me about vibrams 5 fingers footware. I’ve since found feelmax shoes which look rather cheaper and might be worth investigating. The idea is these shoes are minimal for days when it’s too wet and muddy or for terrain where you need a bit of protection (ie gravel…).

Some days I get annoyed ‘cos life isn’t exactly how I want it. Then some days I have to check myself and just can’t believe how lucky I am. Today is one of the latter days. Time for a shower and some food.

All the best to y’all!


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