Michael Cobley's Orphaned Worlds

I just finished reading the melodramatically entitled 'Orphaned Worlds' by Michael Cobley. I'ts part 2 of a space opera of truly epic proportions. It deals mainly with themes of man's relationship with technology – specifically artificial intelligence as well as the social/political issues surrounding small and large powers competing for resources. Along the way it works in a bewildering array of ideas about aliens, societies, other universes… In fact if anything, the weakness of the book is it tries to pack ion too much and so feels a bit rushed sometimes – even more so than part 1. However, the insight into what constitutes a healthy relationship between man and technology and the atrophy of man's strengths that constitutes an unhealthy relationship is exquisite. His understanding of society structures and international politics stands comparison with JMS or Banks and the writing style is reminiscent of a lighter version of Peter F Hamilton.

And if none of that matters to you, it's often a page turning thriller with moments of death, honor, glory and romance in equal measure. On to reading some Jack McDevitt next…

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