Made it!

So after a week of wondering I’m back in Empoli.In the event the flight was practically empty and bang on time. It seemed to me the passengers paid more attention than usual to the safety instructions.

This morning I got up, did some yoga, did some shopping (for two raw foodies this constitutes non-trivial exercise…) had breakfast on our terrace then got on to sorting my laptop out for work.

It’s noisy as hell here but somehow not as stressed as it would be in a uk town center. With the beautiful warm weather and a lively atmosphere I could truly be at home here – if only I could get to grips with the language!

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Not like Me

This is not like me. I mean to just open up about stuff that’s happening to me. If I do, it tends to be in the manner of a politician assessing their election winning chances: optimistic bordering on belligerent with a caveat that it is the electorate (or in my case the universe/god/chance) that will ultimately determine their fate.

So this is going to be an odd exercise for me. I’m going to try to tell the truth. Not the whole truth mind. I’ll leave that to the tabloid powered celebs. Some things you don’t need to know. Some of the rest you may find of passing interest and that’s what I’m going to write about.

So where is my life at right now? We’ll I have a wonderful girlfriend who I am not as close to as I would like to be. We’ve spent a good bit of the last nine months apart as she has been in Italy and I’ve been to and fro between there and the UK. I recommend long distance relationships for a short while – just to see how you cope. Now I’ve well and truly had enough of skype and want my honey back! We’ll be together in Tuscany again in a few days for a whole 2 months and I can’t wait:-).

My music is a bittersweet topic at the moment. Sweet because for the first time in my life I can look at myself in the mirror and honestly say that my latest recordings are as good as anything I’ve ever heard. And I’ve heard more than most… Bitter because I’ve not yet achieved any success to speak of. On the other hand if I can improve my writing/playing as much as I have the last few years then I firmly believe I can do anything I set my mind upon. I just have to learn a few new skills! Optimistic bordering on belligerent as I said!

Anyhow I’ve recently started doing IT contract work online to bring in some cash. Quite a U-turn I realize but poverty does funny things to you sometimes. As work I don’t mind it and what I learn is useful for my own online projects. It also gives me an excuse to do a much better job of my music site for my portfolio.

Healthwise things are quite interesting for me. I’ve been eating 100% raw food for most of this year. I seem to be settling on a diet of fruit and leaves:-). It does amazing things for your body and mind though to tell you the truth I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with it.

So that’s enough for now. If you’re still reading and I maintain my enthusiasm for meandering blog posts expect more exciting revelations when you see them!



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