My Conflicting Identities

So I fancied sitting in front of the camera & talking about what's going through my self analysis brain right now. If anyone does watch this I'd be interested to hear if they have something comparable going on!

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Eyesight Challenge week 4

So now I’ve just got to keep it up & continue to develop this…

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Eyes week 3…

Week 3's update. Later than planned due to new year celebrations….:)

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Eyesight Challenge 2 Weeks

2 and a bit weeks in…

Eyesight Symptoms

Here's some of the symptoms I've experienced after removing my glasses and trying Bates Method exercises.

30 Days Eyesight Challenge – 1 Week in

I made some progress 1 week on…

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My Eyesight History

For anyone who's ever had any difficulty with their eyes, here's a case history filled with fun…

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My New 30 Day Challenge

OK so my last 30 day challenge ended a little soon in success. So I've got time for another one before the event (http://30days2change1thing) starts for real. Here it is…

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My 30 Day Challenge

So here it is. I'm doing a trial for Alison's 30 Days to Change 1 Thing program that starts early next year.

My challenge is, I've been bouncing backwards and forwards between Italy & the UK now for a couple of years. I've done some computing freelance work but basically I haven't earnt a proper living over that time or the year previous… So over the next 30 days I'm going to start bringing more money in than is going out, right here in Italy!

I have the following skills:

Qualified Yoga Teacher – Yeah I swore I'd never teach again but I can teach 1to1s in silence if I have to (& I might 'cos my Italian falters whenever I try so talk about anything more complicated than the weather/Berlusconi )

Musician – Actually my music career's going well atm. I'm talking with a record label, getting fans/like on facebook every day for my various projects and have nearly finished an album… But money is not going to coming in quickly enough to rescue me. So perhaps some guitar/piano tuition is on the cards…

Computing – You'd think a Computing Masters from Imperial College would be of use but the language barrier & the length of time since I've worked anything other than freelance in computing seriously limits that. On the plus side I have website development & online marketing experience that's cutting edge so we'll see…

I'm already on day 3 here 'cos I spent the last couple of days investigating/discussing a website/online marketing project with a language school. This would be great 'cos it's pretty similar work to what I'm doing already for my music & for Alison's projects – plus they all speak better English than I do:).

I'll tweet about this every day 'cos if I tell everyone then it'll be too embarrassing to even consider failiure!


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My first competitive 10k in #vibrams #running #barefoot

Empoli (my adopted home town) had a race on Sunday and I dropped in with my vibrams on a whim. Didn't see anyone else in anything other than trainers. Got a few stares. I'll wear huaraches next time, that'll really get'em going 🙂

10k in 48mins ish. Went off waay too fast. The only other competitive run I've done was 5k and I started far too slow then. I spent that race just running past people. This time was totally the opposite & a tad depressing! But I didn't cave in which felt good. I just realised I wasn't going to hang onto the group I was with and so shifted down a gear and basically just cruised the second half. Now I have a better idea how far 10k actually is I reckon I could go much much faster…

Best thing was that I felt like my form held up really well throughout. I remember I was all over the place by the end of my 5k last year. I felt pretty graceful right to the finish here. I'm now approaching the speed I used to go in normal running shoes again (has taken nearly a year…) but I can do it for much longer and much more often. I don't feel there's the same danger of injuring myself either plus much more potential for improvement.

Target for next time is to break 40mins! But if I don't I'll just smile and enjoy how lovely it feels to glide along with babysteps and head up looking around me.

In the evening I saw my first film in Italian. Didn't understand much but it was Pirates of the Carribean 4 so it didn't matter:-). Missed Johnny Depp's hammy voice tho!

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